Use the following surveys tools with students from a range of ages. Students collect their data from a range of activities, and then enter their data via a survey created using Google Forms. This data is ported into a Google Docs spreadsheet, which is published to the web. Students can then access their data, along with data generated by students from other schools.

If teachers need to find the URL for the published Google Docs spreadsheet, then they can email Matt Skoss on .

Towers of Hanoi
Enter data:

View class data: Click here

Reaction time surveys...generate some data using
Students record their data on paper, and then input their data via a survey (separate survey for each of the investigations below). Teachers can structure the class to record data according to different variables to explore:
  • Preferred Hand v Non-Preferred Hand - Click for Survey
  • Before Exercise v After Exercise - Click for Survey
  • Morning v Afternoon - Click for Survey
Each of these investigations is a separate survey.

Survey about Jessica Watson - Attempting to be the youngest person to sail around the world.
See the collective data here .
Follow Jessica's progress at

Survey for Ruler Drop - Testing your reaction times. This survey is set up so that the questions for your preferred hand are compulsory, but with an option of also entering data for your non-preferred hand as well. The intention is to make the task as flexible as possible for classroom teachers. http: .