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Freight extra, GST included in pricing.

How to order:
Ordering is via email to quoting your school purchase order number (if your finance people need that...I don't!).

If goods are posted to a school, then payment within 14 days of the goods arriving is preferred. If posting to a private residential address, pre-payment is preferred. A Tax Invoice will be emailed including the necessary bank account details for an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to be done. Please email through a Remittance Advice advising payment.

Guide to postage rates from Australia Post (updated 17 May 2017)
  • 3 kg post-pack $15.65
  • 5 kg post-pack $24.80

Plywood-backed Mini-whiteboards

Useful for the classroom for a range of ages and settings:
  • Maths
  • Science
  • LOTE
  • ESL
  • Primary classrooms
Using a large mini-whiteboard (A3 or A4 size) will help 'in-the-moment instruction' at students' desks

The mini-whiteboards show up really well when filming students talking to their ideas written on the mini-whiteboards.
Mini-whiteboards.png Mini-whiteboards_2.png

4 sizes of mini-whiteboards are available. These boards are plywood backed. Sometimes the laminate will chip with extended use in the classroom. The edges are sanded to make them safe to use with students. Consideration should be given to the new double-sided mini-whiteboards or the sleeve version allowing the use of templates.
Close to
Paper Size
Size (mm)
150 x 100
$1.00 each
200 x 150
$1.50 each
300 x 200
$3.00 each
400 x 300
$6.00 each
Guide to postage:
1 near A4 size plywood mini-whiteboard has a mass of 140 g. 21 to a 3 kg postpack, 35 to a 5 kg postpack.

Write on/Wipe off sleeves (slightly bigger than A4 size) at $3.00 each

Templates are able to be inserted. Great for Maths, Science, SOSE and Language activities.
A range of templates for Maths is accessible via a DropBox folder. Send an email to with DropBox Access-Write on/Wipe off Sleeve Templates in the Subject Line.

Guide to postage:
1 Write on/Wipe off Sleeve has a mass of 80 g. 37 to a 3 kg postpack, 62 to a 5 kg postpack.
Write on, wipe off sleeves.png

Markers for Write on/Wipe off sleeves

Black $4.00 for pack of 5
Colour $4.00 for pack of 5
Regular whiteboard markers also work well, available from stationery suppliers. Woolworths and Coles also sell a great BIC pen (skinny marker pen in four colours.)

Whiteboard markers-black pack of 5.pngWhiteboard marker-colour pack of 5.png

Double-sided plastic mini-whiteboards (A4 size) at $3.00 each.

Available with a range of grids. Only available in multiples of 30 (ie need to order 30, 60, 90, etc.)
  • 2 sides blank
  • 1 cm grid with Cartesian Plane + Blank
  • 1 cm grid + Blank
  • 2 cm grid + Blank

Guide to postage:
1 near double-sided plastic mini-whiteboard has a mass of 50 g. 60 to a 3 kg postpack, 100 to a 5 kg postpack.



Mirrors 10 pack ($18.00 each + freight)

  • 6 x 9 cm
  • Made of perspex
  • Robust
  • Useful for symmetry tasks with blocks, flip tiles
  • Useful for extending tasks

Sphinx Tiles ($55.00 for class kit of 100 + freight)

  • Made of robust plastic
  • Use for algebraic thinking with a perimeter and area focus
  • Strong problem solving opportunities
  • Useful for line and rotational symmetry (using just two sphinx tiles)


2 cm wooden cubes ($17.00 per hundred + freight)

Plain wooden cubes, ideal for the following lessons:
  • 4 cube houses
  • Soma cube
  • Isometric drawing
  • Surface area questions

Cubic Metre Model (price to be finalised + freight)

  • free-standing
  • made from white electrical conduit & plumbing joiners
  • stands out in photos

Maths Mat Kit ($550 + freight) (not currently available, as I'm temporarily in Adelaide)

  • 3 x fluoro elastics
  • 20 x mini-whiteboards
  • Range of Likert scale laminated cards
  • Travel Graph story
  • Cartesian Plan axes
  • 60 cm suitcase on wheels