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Flash Objects

Flash Timer

Available in web-based form from the Teachit website in the UK: http://www.teachit.co.uk/custom_content/timer/clock3.html

Try it now:

or downloadable as a file:

On a Mac, it runs natively as Flash application. In Windoze-Land, you have to open it via File-->Open in a web browser window. It works a treat...I use it constantly.

It is also useful as a device to move tasks that the kids have a degree of mastery into being 'time-related performance tasks'

I like to negotiate with my class what would be a good challenge for us to go for today...kids are remarkable in their sense of equity..."We want XXX to be able to finish, so lets set it to an extra minute to give them a chance..." Or, "YYY is up in the rafters today miss, you'd better give us extra time!"

Screen dumps are attached. I also use it for illustrating common basic fractions...challenging kids to nominate how many seconds will have passed when 1/3 of our time is up.


Stopwatch & Countdown Timer (all in one package)
A version is available from www.online-stopwatch.com, but I prefer to use the Flash-based version, so that I don't have to rely on an Internet connection in the classroom.

Timer.png Stopwatch.png Countdown_Timer.png