"Comfort Zone" (Current Practice) as a teacher

  • Identify lessons, activities, contexts that generate exemplary experiences for students, often with minimal planning or preparation.
  • What lessons, etc don't go off as well?
  • What can you do about 'reshaping your practice?'

"Implementation Dip"

  • Try anything new with kids, and things often don't go so well.
  • Persevere, modify the lesson, invite the kids to contribute their thoughts about why a lesson didn't 'fire.'
  • Things will get better, and you will be in a different place.

Comfort Zone & Implementation Dip - A4 version

Viewing our classroom as an 'archaeological dig'

Steve Flavel (software developer for Maths 300) and Robyn Zevenbergen (Griffith University) coined the phrase 'archaeological dig' in the context of a classroom.. They also wrote an article "Undertaking an archaeological dig in search of pedagogic relay" which is available from [[http://www.math.umt.edu/TMME/Monograph1/ Zevenbergen_FINAL_pp63_74.pdf|here]]. I would like to see a version of the paper developed that is more accessible to classroom teachers one day.

What evidence is there of mathematical activity in your classroom. What inferences would researchers make about the 'mathematical hunting ground' in your classroom?

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