Sorting Fractions
Print onto coloured paper (2 sheets onto one colour, different colour for each group)
Laminate and cut out. Challenge students to sort the fractions, with discussion as they work on the task. Once students are familiar with the task, challenge them by using a timer/stopwatch to complete the task as quickly as possible. The file can be adapted to include other fractions and/or other contexts. Students could be invited to make their own stories up. This task has been modified from a task originally shared by Malcolm Swan, University of Nottingham in the Maths4Life series of mongraphs.


Pattern Block Fractions
Can be used with virtual pattern blocks as well.
‘Virtual’ pattern blocks are available from: OR
and OR


Useful for developing an 'area-based' model of fractions and how they relate to decimals. Large A4 version for laminating and colouring in with whiteboard markers. Smaller versions on second page for cutting out and gluing into students' workbooks.