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Mini-whiteboards...an effective resource to support students learning Mathematics. Interesting article here.

Interesting Surveys: I have created some simple surveys about topical news items that might be of interest to school-aged students (eg. Jessica Watson's attempt to be the youngest person to sail around the world). Click here for access to the surveys. If you would like access to the data, please send me an email.

How it works:
  • Survey created using Forms in Google Docs . You need to have an account with Google to create your own.
  • As people respond to the survey, their data is recorded in a spreadsheet, created on the fly in Google Docs.
  • As the 'owner' of that spreadsheet, I can turn on access for specific email addresses on request, or publish it to the web.

Demonstration of different question types: http://tinyurl.com/demo-google-survey. View the data here.

Paul Swan has offered a wonderful resource detailing practical ideas in a book that he co-wrote with Geoff White and Linda Marshall called Hands on Heads on: The effective use of mathematics manipulative materials. Sadly, Geoff White passed away in August 2009. He was a champion for encouraging teachers to make effective use of concrete manipulatives in teaching Maths.

Feel welcome to download the book, and dip into it for a range of exciting ideas suitable for a wide range of ages.

Thanks must also go to the Association of Independent Schools Western Australia and RIC Publications who were partners in the project. Both organisations have given permission for Hands on Heads on to be given away.

Reaction Time: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/index.php

Teaching Ideas:
Maths Mat Mini-whiteboards Digital Microscopes Cubic Metre Model Dice Tables

Tree Branch Circumference

Jill Cheeseman's Number Strips (numberlines joined by velcro tabs)

New Links

Arranging Digits | Mystery Spinners

Online Ning Communites to support remote teachers across Australia, facilitated by Matt Skoss
Click on the link below to register your email address. Have conversations with remote teachers who are teaching in a similar context to you.

Multiple Intelligences Online Test http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks3/ict/multiple_int/questions/choose_lang.cfm

CSIRO's Science by Email http://www.csiro.au/services/ScienceByEmailMain.html